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Design and Build

From our UK development centre, Eyedot are able to offer in-depth design expertise embracing most major electronics technologies. With quality systems accredited for Aerospace, Defence, Road, Rail and Power customers we regularly deliver demanding developments on time to exacting standards.

From concept to manufacture, we have a strong background in designing new and replacement electronics systems for a wide variety of operating environments. Our in-depth electronics design capabilities cover a broad range of technologies and our security cleared personnel are able to work on security sensitive projects.

Our designed solutions come with full warranty, and if your requirements should change as your business evolves, our engineers can work with you to develop your systems further to ensure that they continue to meet your business needs.

Development of replacement back end CIS systems

Eyedot’s customer was supplying elderly back-end systems running client information applications. The systems contained obsolete hardware and elderly, unreliable software.

Many of the systems were in remote locations requiring significant travel and time by engineering staff to repair failing devices.

Eyedot undertook an investigation of the problem and developed a solution which would enable the customer to run the original software but on much more up to date and resilient hardware.

After fully researching the issues, a complete plug and play back-end system was developed. This allowed the original application to run on a modern operating system, as part of the development the systems now also included considerable redundancy.

The final product that was delivered proved to work very well in the field. Reliability was improved by the addition of several different sensors monitoring the temperature and fan operation, plus the installation of dual redundant power supplies.

In addition, we also incorporated a remote reboot facility in order to reduce travel time to sites. The units could now also be configured to remotely message engineering staff in the event of a single power supply, fan or temperature problems, thereby ensuring problems were flagged early and resolved ahead of total system failure.

Customer quote

“Eyedot were keen to understand the issues that we were facing and the impact that they were having on our operation.

Not only did they provide a solution, but they implemented further measures to prevent it from happening again. This has resulted in better equipment performance, reduced downtime and a more efficient way of working for our engineers “