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Emergency Repair

Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan, and many businesses don’t have the in-house expertise that would be required in an emergency repair situation.

At Eyedot we truly believe that we can be an extension of your business, and can offer technical support exactly when and where you need it. From ad-hoc call outs to 24/7 cover, we can provide support to the most demanding SLA requirements.

Support for full mission flight simulator

Eyedot’s customer was in the middle of running flight simulator sessions for pilots when the crew drawbridge failed, which is used to provide access for the crew to the cockpit location on the motion platform.

With the failure, crews could not reach the cockpit to start training and also could not safely leave the cockpit in the event of a fire or other dangerous situation.

Eyedot attended the site as a matter of urgency to assess what could be achieved.
Our skilled engineers worked through the night to restore the drawbridge to working condition.

The quick action of Eyedot meant that training could re-commence the following working day.

Downtime was kept to an absolute minimum and the costly back up plans did not have to be put into action.

Customer quote

“This was a catastrophic failure for us. We couldn’t carry out scheduled training, and more importantly our pilot’s safety could have been put at risk.

Eyedot reacted immediately and sent a team of engineers who worked straight through to resolve the issue.

We have now listed Eyedot as our emergency contacts should anything happen in the future.”