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Obsolescence Management

Eyedot have a strong background in supporting legacy electronics for the Aerospace, Defence, Rail, Road and Power sectors. This means that we have the experience and capability to offer long-term support for even the oldest of systems.

We offer a range of services to support your business. From sourcing rare or obsolete components to designing form, fit and functionally compatible replacements for key sub-systems, we have the technical know-how to keep your equipment operational both now and in the future.

Development of replacement displays for CIS systems

Eyedot’s customer was supporting elderly Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays showing customer information. The displays were rapidly becoming unsupportable due to lack of parts and tube availability.

The original displays were contained in a variety of different external housings which the customer was reluctant to replace. Our brief was to develop a modern alternative which was compatible with both the old back-end hardware and the existing housings.

Modern Thin Film Transistor (TFT) panels are generally not always compatible with signals being provided by legacy hardware. Eyedot undertook a research and development exercise to design and build a large TFT replacement unit that would function with inputs from the existing hardware and also be compatible with all current housing variations.

Units were designed, built, tested and installed to work with the existing housing. The customer has not had the additional expense of updating the external housings, and since install they have run without a single failure.

Customer quote

“When we started to experience issues with our display units, we thought that we were going to face the expense and inconvenience of replacing all of our existing equipment.

When we met with Eyedot, we were pleased that their solution could fit within our existing equipment, which resulted in us saving both time and money”