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We are more than just repair and maintenance

We believe that our skills and capability make us unique in the marketplace. From reverse engineering a PCB through to mechanical engineering for locomotive parts, we make it our business to provide you with a solution.

If you would like to discuss any of our service offerings listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01380 728 118 or email sales@eyedot.co.uk.


From our UK-based repair centre we can diagnose, repair and validate electronic, electrical and optical technologies. Where obsolescence issues make repair impractical, we offer a form, fit and functionally compatible design service to replace legacy sub-systems. If supporting design documentation is not available with a system, we can even offer a range of reverse-engineering solutions to return your systems to a working and supportable state.


Eyedot can offer in-depth design expertise embracing many major electronics technologies. From concept to manufacture, we have a long track record designing new and replacement electronics systems for a wide variety of operating environments. Our security cleared personnel are able to work on security sensitive projects, and our solutions come with full warranty.


The experts at Eyedot can reverse engineer legacy or obsolete products and design and build replacements, so you needn’t worry if your equipment is discontinued. We specialise in the supply of form, fit and functionally compatible emulators built using modern technology and designed to replace elderly and obsolete units.


At Eyedot we have the capability to overhaul and repair a variety of mechanical assemblies, and can also design and manufacture new parts or replacement components. Whether you need us to refurbish whole assemblies, replace bearings and gaskets, or undertake a motor rewind, we have the expertise to support you.


Eyedot offer a full range of system support services covering the complete electronic product lifecycle. Our range of agreements can cover ad-hoc repairs, on-site support, repairs and spares of hard to find key components, through to our Hardware Exchange Agreements (HEXA) contracts that are specifically designed to ensure that clients with critical systems have access to spare parts within a pre-determined time frame.


We can supply form fit and functionally compatible emulators for SCSI storage devices such as legacy disc and tape drives. Based on compact flash we can accurately emulate the original SCSI device, with the replacement solid state drive having exactly the same format and connector configuration as the original.



At Eyedot, we have invested in the equipment that is required to help you turn your ideas into reality. We can support you with the design and build of prototypes and assist you with product development, either independently or alongside your in-house teams.


With 30 years of industry experience, we have gathered extensive skills that can be used to assist our customers on a consultancy basis, primarily to identify and advise on risk, and to implement solutions to mitigate that risk.


With this equipment we can develop rapid prototyping, lightweight parts, small batch custom manufacturing and even replacement parts that are no longer available. Our in-house 3D printing capability means that we can support you without the additional cost of outsourcing, and we retain complete quality control.


With our large network of approved suppliers, this service covers sourcing hard to find parts on your behalf, assistance in developing spares kits, or advice on spares required for a particular project. We test parts where possible before we ship and provide complete after sales support.