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A one stop cable shop

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Bespoke cable manufacturing and connectivity

Here at Eyedot we are delighted to offer bespoke, custom cable manufacturing with a connectivity solution that's right for you.

Working to IPC standards, we are a one stop shop for:


  • the provision of bespoke, custom cabling solutions

  • finding the right connectivity solution for your cable harnessing, including custom parts

  • the design and build of smart and intelligent cable harnesses

What’s more, we are proudly working with Combined Test Solutions (CTS) who offer fast and accurate cable test equipment. CTS supply and support the industry leading Cirris cable test systems and have many years experience working with world leading brands to offer the best testing solution for the cable industry.

What industries do we work with?

Aerospace and Defence an essential part of supporting our military is the reliable function of the equipment.


Rail cabling is a huge part of the railway.  We can offer new and replacement cabling.

Highways - keeping our traffic moving and our roads safe, the Highways Agency relies of effective cabling for data communication.

Automotive - a large proportion of the cost of a new car is in the cabling.  In a challenging environment, reliable cabling ensure your car is ready to drive when you are.

Formula 1 - in many ways, the pinnacle and forefront of engineering, Formula 1 pushes the limits of what is required from good cabling and quality connectivity.

Electric Vehicles - still an emerging and quickly growing market, electric vehicles highly depend on reliable cabling to carry the huge electrical power from the battery to the motors.


Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

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