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Case Studies

From Obsolescence Management through to Electronic Repair and Maintenance, we are proud of the service that we provide to our customers.

Here you will find examples of real challenges and the solutions that we have provided, as well as the results!

Design and Build


The Challenge

Eyedot’s customer was supplying elderly back-end systems running client information applications.


The systems contained obsolete hardware and elderly, unreliable software.

Many of the systems were in remote locations requiring significant travel and time by engineering staff to repair failing devices.


Our Solution

Eyedot undertook an investigation of the problem and developed a solution which would enable the customer to run the original software but on much more up to date and resilient hardware.

After fully researching the issues, a complete plug and play back-end system was developed.


This allowed the original application to run on a modern operating system, as part of the development the systems now also included considerable redundancy.


The Results

The final product that was delivered proved to work very well in the field. Reliability was improved by the addition of several different sensors monitoring the temperature and fan operation, plus the installation of dual redundant power supplies.


In addition, we also incorporated a remote reboot facility in order to reduce travel time to sites. The units could now also be configured to remotely message engineering staff in the event of a single power supply, fan or temperature problems, thereby ensuring problems were flagged early and resolved ahead of total system failure.

Download our Design and Build Case Study:

Repair and Maintenance


The Challenge

Our customer operates radar systems that were originally developed in the 1970’s.


These systems are designed to provide approach surveillance for Air Traffic Services.

A legacy system such as this can mean that components are difficult to find, and the technology requires a specific skill set to repair.


Keeping them fully operational is critical to their business.


Our Solution

Eyedot worked with the customer to develop a partnership, as to provide the best solutions it is important to us to understand their business fully. We see ourselves not just as a supplier, but as an extension of their engineering team.

As a part of this, we built a test rig for the radar system, which ensured that critical equipment is protected from excessive voltage.


The Results

All equipment that is worked on is fully tested through this rig, giving the customer assurance that it is fully tested and ready to use.

Without this process in place, there is the additional risk that equipment can fail upon installation, which not only incurs cost of repair, but also equipment downtime and entire airfields out of action.


Eyedot also now support the customer’s ad-hoc requirements, complementing their in-house team perfectly. This means that their engineers can focus on site visits and service repairs.

Download our Repair and Maintenance Case Study:

Customer Quotes

“Our specialist equipment was becoming obsolete and impacting our business, and we thought that we would need entire new systems. Eyedot developed a solution that used modern parts, yet could be used within our existing bespoke equipment which we didn’t even realise was possible.  


Specialist parts have also become much harder to source, and Eyedot have a fantastic network of suppliers and haven’t once let me down yet. We really appreciate the support they give our business.”  

“The team at Eyedot are like an extension of our in-house engineering team, which allows us to flex up resource when we need it.


Their technical expertise are second to none, and they’ve had a huge hand in growing our business with their innovative design and product development skills. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

“We were working on a contract that required the transfer of old tape formats onto SSD hard drives to enable them to be stored and viewed easily. These original machines were not fully operational, and having been made in 1982, no parts were still available for them.  I got in touch with Eyedot who were able to source these hard to find parts and bring the equipment into working order. Not only did I receive excellent service, but I have complete confidence that they will be able to repair the units if needed in the future.”  

LED Sign Repair

In today's digital age, LED signs have become a popular choice for businesses to enhance their brand visibility and communicate effectively with their target audience. However, like any technology, LED signs are susceptible to wear and tear, requiring timely repairs to maintain their functionality and impact.

“Eyedot were keen to understand the issues that we were facing and the impact that they were having on our operation.

Not only did they provide a solution, but they implemented further measures to prevent it from happening again. This has resulted in better equipment performance, reduced downtime and a more efficient way of working for our engineers “

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