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LED Sign Repair

In today's digital age, LED signs have become a popular choice for businesses to enhance their brand visibility and communicate effectively with their target audience. However, like any technology, LED signs are susceptible to wear and tear, requiring timely repairs to maintain their functionality and impact.

LED units are expensive to buy (and so therefore expensive to replace!) so repairing any faults is the favoured option.

But how can we support you?

Diagnosis starts with a comprehensive diagnostic test to identify the underlying issues, so whether the problem is a faulty LED driver or damaged power supply, our team of expert engineers can find the problem. Then through our extensive network, we can source high-quality replacement components that are compatible with the existing technology, and carry out the repair.

Why repair instead of replace?

The purpose of an LED sign is to communicate messages, so it is most effective when visuals are vibrant and clear. And when a unit comes in for repair, this is exactly how it leaves us.

Outsourcing to Eyedot means you don't incur the huge costs of replacing a sign which is good for both your business and the environment. It's always worth exploring your options, and we are happy to discuss your requirements

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